Building Intentional Focus

What's the odds of me deciding on the 16th of December to finally create a blog instead of making a long Facebook post? Over these past 350 days of 2021, I have experienced some great leaps and some low falls. Despite all the lessons I have gained this year, one of the few that stuck out for me was "FOCUS". We start the year with vision board parties, new year's resolutions, and things we want to accomplish over the year with no true roadmap to getting there. It starts good and feels great until a stumbling block hits us and we either desert it or find a less daunting task to do to feel accomplished. It's okay if you won't admit that shortcoming. I'll admit it for the both of us. This thing called business is a beauty and a beast. It has the characteristics of being a Disney classic or the makings of a one-hit-wonder. Either way, I took a vow to stay true to it. Back to the topic, I thought we were discussing. Building intentional focus. It requires exactly what it says, FOCUS. The ability to see past what's in front of you to only see where you are trying to go. For some, they would call it asinine. But the ones who live thru intentional focus it is their winning plan. This blog was created to help me be EVEN MORE transparent in this thing call business. It was created to show the potential entrepreneur that YES, I can follow my dream (with proper planning and some faith of course). It was created for the business owner who is ready to walk away to give their dream one more chance with a little more support and grace to the ONE PERSON who is always going to be a part of the business. And lastly for the ones watching you, who can't really speak but they can see. Each one of the puzzle pieces around us helps develop that intentional focus. The good. The bad. The blessings. The lessons. And everything and anything that can fit in between. Here's to building a community of Intentional Shakers and Movers that realize that the key to success isn't just your money or your experience... IT'S YOU. Welcome to the team. You're free to be.

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